About Us

Welcome to the Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club

The year was 1948, several local sailors wanted to make their loosely-organized yacht club official. They purchased a vacant waterfront building on Annable Point Road in Centerville. Soon thereafter, Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club, Inc., was formed, and the property was deeded to this new corporation.

The building, which the Yacht Club still occupies today, was built in 1903 to house a restaurant. The restaurant was named Camp Opechee, and was operated by the Starck family. Located on the shore of Wequaquet Lake, the restaurant was famous for its lobster and steamers, which were brought in from the ocean.

Use of the building as a yacht club required very few changes. Today, it is very much the same as it was when it was Camp Opechee. The large room near the water's edge serves as a recreation room, function room, or dance hall. The lounge area contains one of the original fieldstone fireplaces. A second field stone fireplace is in the fireside room. The kitchen and bathrooms are renovated and updated, but the building still remains rustic. It is a relaxing place where members and their guests can unwind.


Membership in the Yacht Club is limited to one hundred ten families or households. There are activities for all age groups: swimming and sailing lessons for the children, Sunfish races for all ages, pot-luck family suppers, dinner dances, and other social functions. Individual members own Sunfish sailboats which they keep at the club.   These are owned by individual members and are the boat that most members sail and race. In addition, the club owns six 420s and Optimist Dinghies which are used by the racing team when competing against other yacht clubs. Many members also own powerboats, which they use for cruising and water skiing. In the earlier years of the Club, Lightnings, Blue Jays, and Sailfish competed. After Alcort developed the Sunfish, it became so popular for sailing and racing on the lake, the other classes disappeared. For more than fifty years Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club's Annual Regatta has been very popular with sailors from all over the east coast, who race the Sunfish circuit. The lake has shifty and unpredictable winds which add to racing excitement. Not only the children, but many of the adult members participate in the Sunday races. Not all members are interested in sailing; however, there is a wide variety of social functions which appeal. All members are expected to take a turn running events. This isnot a place to go and be waited on. The hard work of its members make it a success. In 2013, we celebrated our 65th year and our 50th Annual Sunfish Regatta.