Volunteering Opportunities

Thank you to everyone for such a great response to the event sign-ups!
We have had a tremendous response already, so please be sure to check out what is still available before it fills up.

Use this link to sign up to volunteer for events on Signup Genius


Please consider signing up for one of the post-event clean-up spots. I know that a lot of people worry that they might not want to stay until the end of an event, but keep in mind that most events actually end relatively early, then everyone heads into the bar or the Fireside Room. Clean up is not at the end of the night, rather at the end of the actual event. Most times people will help put everything away immediately following dinner at Commodore's Reception, or the comedians are done on Comedy Night, and then go relax in the bar. Remember that you have to sign up ahead of time in order for the volunteer hours to count toward the Deposit Program.