Youth Sailing Program

We offer different level sailing classes for sailors 6 years of age and older in Sunfish, Optimists, and 420's.
There is also an adult sailing class held on Wednesday nights.

Registration for Summer 2023 is open!

2023 Sailing Registration Forms  

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Anticipated 2023 Program Dates: Monday, June 26th through Thursday, August 17th

Class Descriptions*:

Scallywags: A class for sailors ages 6-8 that are comfortable swimming in deep water without a life jacket. This course is an introduction to sailing where students will learn boats parts, points of sail, rigging, knots, and will be sailing very close to shore.

Buccaneers: Sailors that have successfully completed Scallywags and are comfortable sailing a boat. We will build on their confidence and ability to sail a boat on their own.

Beginners: Sailors age 8 or older, who have not sailed before or have very limited sailing experience. This class will learn boats parts, points of sail, rigging, knots, and all aspects of on the water sailing.

Intermediates: Sailors who are able to sail an Opti by themselves comfortably in all wind conditions. We will begin to learn more aspects of racing and be practicing those skills at local opti regattas. It is highly suggested that team members have their own opti.

Opti Race Team: For sailors that are comfortable sailing an Opti by themselves and want to begin to race. We will work on learning about starts, the rules of sailing, and how to sail a race. Sailors on the team will be attending local regattas on the Cape.  This is a one day a week practice and the price is just for that one day.  Sailors are encouraged to be in the Intermediate class as well.

420 Race Team: Experienced sailors who want to continue to learn more about racing. The race team will be sailing against various local yacht clubs and attend local regattas.

If you are not sure what class to place your child in, please email Wendy at

Class Schedule


Tuesday, Thursday, 9-10:30 am


Tuesday, Thursday, 10:45am -12:15pm


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-12 am


Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 and Friday1-4pm

420 Race Team

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 1-4pm

Thursday Afternoon Class Thursday 1 - 4pm
Opti Race Team Thursday 1 - 4pm


*Program schedule may change year to year.