Racks and Moorings

It is important each year to make plans to keep your water craft at the Club. Sunfish, Opti's, and kayaks require racks for storage and powerboats need a mooring, which is managed by the Town of Barnstable.


Small Craft Racks
Due to the number of kayaks and small sailboats at the Club, we have built racks to keep them all safe and organized.  Each year please sign up for one rack per small craft as needed. Please print out the rack form below and submit it with payment to Wendy Johnson.

Sunfish, Optimist, and Kayak Rack Rules

  • The rack fee for the summer is $50. 
  • All boats will be assigned a designated rack space.All boats and equipment must be removed at the end of the season.
  • Each boat must display the given rack sticker which  corresponds to the rack.
  • All equipment that belongs with the boat needs to be on the rack.  Please do not leave items lying around the racks or blocking the boat ramp.  
  • If your boat is found to be on a rack without an appropriate sticker, it will be locked up and it will cost you $75 to be unlocked.  
  • Please use your given rack only.  
  • Racks will be assigned by giving priority to sailors in lessons and then first come first serve. 


Town of Barnstable Mooring Renewal and Inspections
Each year you should receive your Mooring Notice from the Barnstable Harbormaster.  Please make sure that your renewal form is mailed back to the harbormaster with payment by the deadline. 

Depending on the age of your mooring, you may be required to have it inspected this year.  The form asks you to list a "Mooring Servicer." Anchor Outboard in Hyannis services many of the Club moorings, but you are free to use other providers.  The Club will schedule a couple of weekend days in early June where Anchor Outboard can come by the Club and inspect your mooring.  You can call Anchor Outboard at 508-775-3454 Call: 508-775-3454 if you want to schedule an inspection before June.

Mushroom Anchor Requirements
Below are the mushroom anchor requirements as outlined in the mooring regulations: In addition it requires formal inspection every three (3) years by either a licensed mooring servicers, or bring your mooring tackle to the Harbormasters office by appointment.
Boat Size            Mooring Weight            Bottom & Top Chain            Pennant
00-17'                        50 lbs                      1/2"            3/8"                    1/2"
18-21                        100 lbs                      1/2"            3/8"                    5/8"
22-25                        150 lbs                     5/5"            1/2"                    5/8"    
26' over                    Harbormaster Approval
A complete mooring regulations can be found at http://www.town.barnstable.ma.us/harbormaster under mooring information.
Town of Barnstable
Marine and Environmental Affairs Division
1189 Phinney's Lane
Centerville, MA 02632
508-790-6273 Call: 508-790-6273